Your-email does have an agent commission plan in addition to selling the Electronic Post Office Service (EPO).

In adition to the return on sales of the Your-email EPO Service there is a 5 level commission plan that also allows you to benefit from purchases generated by other Independent Sales Agents within your network.

We make no great claims on how much you can earn, the commission system  has been setup to allow interested persons earn some extra income with little outlay and almost no overheads.

When a person who like you, wishes to make some money from selling the Your-email EPO Service they are required to become an Independent Sales Agent, you use your website to sponsor them, they become an Independent Sales Agent on your first level within your network, if they do the same with a new Independent Sales Agent joining their network the new Independent Sales Agent is placed on your second level and their first level.

To ensure fairness in the commission system we only pay commissions to active agents, an active agent is required to purchase at least one EPO Service subscription disc product each month.

The commissions are paid on all purchases, there is no limit to the number of people you can have on any level within your network.


Level 1 = Personally sponsored members

Level 2 = Additional agents

Level 3 = Additional agents

Level 4 = Additional agents

Level 5 = Additional agents

The commission plan is ntended to be a bonus to reward the effort of those that sponsor new Independent Sales Agents to allow for more sales of the Your-email EPO Service.

To find out more please contact us or the Independent Sales Agent that introduced the Your-email EPO Service to you.